Saturday, August 6, 2011

2mm ACW

I love these little guys! I had painted these figures a few years ago, but they never made it out of their cigar box very often...until recently. There is a great group of local DBA gamers that has rekindled my interest in playing on this small scale. I have always like the concept of gaming the "big battles", and this is the best way to do it in an hour or two! I had originally built my orders of battle for Gettysburg, but I have reorganzied everything for the battle of Stones River. Here are some pictures of these little 2mm guys in action. Each stand represents a brigade or a battery. I have been using standard DBA rules with modifications from the Wrexham and District Wargamers "DBA Extension for the American Civil War" by Craig Cartmell.

2mm Infantry brigades. These were purchased from Irregular Miniatures. I have some more figures I still need to paint.
I also have been making some towns, fields, orchards and farms for this scale. I will post some pictures when
these are completed.

2mm Division

CSA Infantry advance!

Union infantry move into a small woods.

Mounted Cavalry.

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