Sunday, August 28, 2011

15mm Goblin Bat Clan - Hordes of the Things (HOTT) army

These lovely 15mm / 18mm figures are from Splintered Light Miniatures - 

Splintered Light carries some of the finest 15mm fantasy figures on the market. This is my goblin "bat clan" army with a few orge & bugbear allies. The army consists mainly of goblin "warband" stands, but also includes some goblins mounted on bats (flyers, riders or knights), behemoths (the ogres), beasts (werebats), shooters (a couple stands of bowmen), hordes (goblins), bugbear warband, and a goblin shaman (magician). I have plans to add bat swarms, a hero, some artillery, lurkers and sneakers! I also liked the bugbear and ogre figures so much that I'm thinking about branching off and building an army of  these! Here are some pictures:

The whole clan!

The ogres!

My red haired, wild,  goblin warbands prepare to charge!

Bat riders!

Goblin shooters

Thursday, August 25, 2011

15mm New Kingdom Egyptian DBA Army

I've had a fascination with the New Kingdom Egyptian army for a long time! I finally got around to painting one a while back and here they are. I'm still working on my arid terrain however, so please forgive the arable landscape! In DBA 2.0 this is army I/22 1543BC to 1069BC and it consists of 1xLCh (Gen - the Pharoah in the chariot), 3xLCh, 3x3/4Bd, 4x4 Bw, 1x2P's or 1x3Wb. I also painted enough Nubian psiloi to create army I/3 Nubian. I planning on building Hittites at some point and fighting the battle of Qadesh. I'd also like to add some fantasy elements like mummies, skeleton's, etc. for a HOTT army. Any idea where I can get some figs? Here are some pictures I took with my phone:

An overview of the Pharoah's host. These are mostly 15mm Old Glory
figures. The Pharoah and Sherden warriors are from Essex.

A close up of the Chariots! This brings back images of Yul Brynner!

a closer shot of the Pharoah

A better view of the foot, bowmen and Numidians

more infantry!

Monday, August 22, 2011

15mm DBA Anglo-Danish army

15mm Anglo-Danish DBA army

A close up of the shield-wall

Another view of the army
This is my 15mm Anglo-Danish army. I painted these for a 1066 campaign. These are Essex figures and were a joy to paint. In the DBA 2.0 rulebook this is army III/71 Anglo Danish 1014 AD to 1075 AD. It consists of 1x4Bd (Gen - the element with the flag), 2x4 Bd, 8x4Sp, 1x2P's or 4Sp. I also painted a 3Cv (cavalry) which was an option in DBA 1.0, and an archer unit just for the fun of it. I also have a few elements that can make this a fantasy army for Hordes of the Things (dragon, gnomes, dryads, etc.). I sold a nice 15mm Two-Dragons viking army...that I now regret! I'm also in itching to build the Norman army. 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gaming Room

I always enjoy looking at pictures of other people's gaming rooms. What I find interesting is that they all look pretty much the same: Osprey's everywhere, tons of rules, boxes of figures, etc. It's hell having a hobby! Well anyway, here are a few shots of my gaming room. I think I was setting up some 15mm ACW terrain the day I took these pictures.

Typical Gamer's room!

The calm before the troops arrive!

Gaming room!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

2mm ACW battle

Here are some more pictures from the 2mm DBA ACW game we played. I finally got around to making some 2mm buildings, town, and a few fields. I bought some lead 2mm terrain from Irregular Miniatures, but it looks very European and doesn't fit the ACW. I'll use it when I branch off into 2mm Napoleonics, SYW or ECW!

Federal position near a small town and a few farm buildings. Although
not as nice as the Irregular models, these home made buildings
get the job done. I made them from small pieces of wood.

Close-up of some of the buildings and an orchard.

Two Confederate infantry brigades.

An overview of the battle. The CSA holds the hill and the plain all
the way to the river. The Union have the burden of attacking and have
gotten off to a piece-meal start due to lousy command rolls and
having to move through the woods. CSA artillery has opened the battle by firing
at the advanced Union brigade in the center.

28mm Gun Slingers

This a figure I picked up a long time ago from Guernsey Foundry. I painted it as a sample, but never got into painting more figures for the period. I recently bought a bunch of Dixon Western figures and am now thinking about getting back into some "Boot Hill" games! Any good rules suggestions? I think I should be able to use most of my 28mm ACW buildings.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Battle of Front Royal, VA, June 23, 1862 - Johnny Reb 15mm

This is a game board that I built especially for this scenario. It is a fun, small, tactical scenario that was published in the scenario booklet that came included with John Hill's "Johnny Reb" rules. I ran this game at Nashcon last year and we all had a great time! Here are some pictures of the game:

A playtest at home. The board is styrofoam mounted to
some plywood. I painted the styrofoam brown and then
dry brushed and flocked it. 

Another shot of the terrain during a playtest.

Union trrops move in disorder towards a bridge. I built the bridges from
scraps of balsa wood. I didn't make them "kid proof" however, and my kids have
pretty much destroyed them now!

The fight for the bridge - the white pipe cleaners indicate casualties. The cotton ball
indicates that the bridge is on fire! The orange marker indicates that the unit is
low on ammunition and the red marker shows that is also routed! There is a lot going
on here!

The CSA generals, Chris W., and John O.

The Union general, Ken J.
Here is a link to some information on the battle:

Saturday, August 6, 2011

2mm ACW

I love these little guys! I had painted these figures a few years ago, but they never made it out of their cigar box very often...until recently. There is a great group of local DBA gamers that has rekindled my interest in playing on this small scale. I have always like the concept of gaming the "big battles", and this is the best way to do it in an hour or two! I had originally built my orders of battle for Gettysburg, but I have reorganzied everything for the battle of Stones River. Here are some pictures of these little 2mm guys in action. Each stand represents a brigade or a battery. I have been using standard DBA rules with modifications from the Wrexham and District Wargamers "DBA Extension for the American Civil War" by Craig Cartmell.

2mm Infantry brigades. These were purchased from Irregular Miniatures. I have some more figures I still need to paint.
I also have been making some towns, fields, orchards and farms for this scale. I will post some pictures when
these are completed.

2mm Division

CSA Infantry advance!

Union infantry move into a small woods.

Mounted Cavalry.