Thursday, March 31, 2011

15mm American Civil War Miniatures

15mm Johnny Reb

Here are some pictures of individual units from my 15mm ACW collection. This is probably my favorite period, and the period that I have the most painted figures for. I have played John Hill's excellent rules, "Johnny Reb" since the 80's and generally prefer the flavor of the older JR 1 and JR 2!

15mm Old Glory Confederates advancing!

A unit from Patrick Cleburne's division advances. 15mm Battle Honours figures.
Battle Honours makes some of the most detailed and proportioned 15mm ACW figs.
I always enjoy painting BH figures!

Patrick Cleburne and some of his men. Essex officer figure and old Vulcan Forge infantry figs.

15mm Essex CSA cavalry. I am building more units of mounted and
dismounted cavalry so that I can run a 100% cavalry scenario.

An old unit of Empire / Heritage figures. This was one of the earliest units I painted
as an undergraduate student when I first started playing Johnny Reb. This paint job isn't fantastic, but this is definitely a "veteran" unit!

Stretcher bearers! I love these little pieces that add character and charm to a game.
I picked this up from Wargames at a convention a few years ago.

The 4th OH marches to the sound of the guns!

A battery defends a wagon train. 15mm Essex artillerymen and mtd officer.