Sunday, April 10, 2011

25mm American Civil War Miniatures

25mm Johnny Reb Figures

Here are some pictures of some troops in my 25mm ACW collection. These are all based for Johnny Reb 1.
I've mainly been painting and collecting troops for the Western Theater (specifically the battles of
Spring Hill and Franklin, TN). I generally like to paint based around a specific, historical order of battle.

25mm 1st Corp figures. I really like these dynamic looking firing figures. I painted these
as the 54th GA.

25mm Dixon (mostly) Union figures hold a rail fence line.

CSA Artillery hold the line! Here are Ferguson's S.C battery and Phillip's TN battery.
These are vintage Old Glory figures.

Union troops advance past one of the Perry Twin's plastic buildings.

1st Corp mounted officer and Dixon private. I made the rail fence from
some scrap pieces of balsa wood. The trees were made from twigs I
picked up up in the yard!