Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Oathmark Elves 28mm

Here a few shots of my recently painted elves from North Star UK. These aren't award winning paint jobs but I'm trying to get some large armies painted quickly and I think this wash/dry-brush technique will do the trick!

These are for the upcoming mass fantastic rules "Oathmark"! I'm lucky to be a playtester and the rules are coming along nicely! They are written by the author of Frostgrave - Joe McCullough and definitely have the same simple, fast and furious system appeal!

I really like these figures and they evoke a nice, nostalgic 80's Tolkien elf vibe! I plan on painting a "sea-elf" force and the shield transfers and banner fit the theme perfectly! Lots more units to come!

Cheers! Cory

Thursday, May 10, 2018

28mm French Legere! New project!


I've taken the dive into 28mm Napeoleonics, which I said I never would! Here is a picture of one of the first units I painted - the French 17th Regiment
Legere. This is an early war uniform as I plan to focus mostly on the Glory Years of 1805 to 1807! I plan on mainly using a modified version of "Johnny Reb", but also like "General de Armee"!

28mm Old Glory figures