Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Why the name "Cigar Box Heroes"?

15mm AWI figures in a sturdy Cuesta Rey #1884 box.
These are individual figures mounted to a base approximately the size of a unit's frontage.
I use them for hidden movement markers in my AWI games. Some are fake, some are real, and represent a small unit
and others might represent an entire brigade! It definitely makes scouting, cavalry, and skirnmishing
more important in a game.
I have had a couple people ask me why the blog is called cigar box heroes? Well, when I started painting and collecting miniatures the tobacco shops put their empty boxes outside and you could take them for free. This was the best way for a high school and then college student to provide cheap homes for his toy soldiers. Over the years I have moved away from using only cigar boxes, but I still have quite a few figures packed in them for safe keeping and easy transport to away games and conventions! So there you go......

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