Sunday, August 28, 2011

15mm Goblin Bat Clan - Hordes of the Things (HOTT) army

These lovely 15mm / 18mm figures are from Splintered Light Miniatures - 

Splintered Light carries some of the finest 15mm fantasy figures on the market. This is my goblin "bat clan" army with a few orge & bugbear allies. The army consists mainly of goblin "warband" stands, but also includes some goblins mounted on bats (flyers, riders or knights), behemoths (the ogres), beasts (werebats), shooters (a couple stands of bowmen), hordes (goblins), bugbear warband, and a goblin shaman (magician). I have plans to add bat swarms, a hero, some artillery, lurkers and sneakers! I also liked the bugbear and ogre figures so much that I'm thinking about branching off and building an army of  these! Here are some pictures:

The whole clan!

The ogres!

My red haired, wild,  goblin warbands prepare to charge!

Bat riders!

Goblin shooters

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  1. Saw your post on SLM's Facebook page. Great looking horde!

    I've got a load of Splintered Light stuff on my blog - both Splintered Lands and Historical. Now looking at the Fantasy ranges for Pride of Lions.