Thursday, August 25, 2011

15mm New Kingdom Egyptian DBA Army

I've had a fascination with the New Kingdom Egyptian army for a long time! I finally got around to painting one a while back and here they are. I'm still working on my arid terrain however, so please forgive the arable landscape! In DBA 2.0 this is army I/22 1543BC to 1069BC and it consists of 1xLCh (Gen - the Pharoah in the chariot), 3xLCh, 3x3/4Bd, 4x4 Bw, 1x2P's or 1x3Wb. I also painted enough Nubian psiloi to create army I/3 Nubian. I planning on building Hittites at some point and fighting the battle of Qadesh. I'd also like to add some fantasy elements like mummies, skeleton's, etc. for a HOTT army. Any idea where I can get some figs? Here are some pictures I took with my phone:

An overview of the Pharoah's host. These are mostly 15mm Old Glory
figures. The Pharoah and Sherden warriors are from Essex.

A close up of the Chariots! This brings back images of Yul Brynner!

a closer shot of the Pharoah

A better view of the foot, bowmen and Numidians

more infantry!

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