Wednesday, August 10, 2011

2mm ACW battle

Here are some more pictures from the 2mm DBA ACW game we played. I finally got around to making some 2mm buildings, town, and a few fields. I bought some lead 2mm terrain from Irregular Miniatures, but it looks very European and doesn't fit the ACW. I'll use it when I branch off into 2mm Napoleonics, SYW or ECW!

Federal position near a small town and a few farm buildings. Although
not as nice as the Irregular models, these home made buildings
get the job done. I made them from small pieces of wood.

Close-up of some of the buildings and an orchard.

Two Confederate infantry brigades.

An overview of the battle. The CSA holds the hill and the plain all
the way to the river. The Union have the burden of attacking and have
gotten off to a piece-meal start due to lousy command rolls and
having to move through the woods. CSA artillery has opened the battle by firing
at the advanced Union brigade in the center.

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