Monday, August 22, 2011

15mm DBA Anglo-Danish army

15mm Anglo-Danish DBA army

A close up of the shield-wall

Another view of the army
This is my 15mm Anglo-Danish army. I painted these for a 1066 campaign. These are Essex figures and were a joy to paint. In the DBA 2.0 rulebook this is army III/71 Anglo Danish 1014 AD to 1075 AD. It consists of 1x4Bd (Gen - the element with the flag), 2x4 Bd, 8x4Sp, 1x2P's or 4Sp. I also painted a 3Cv (cavalry) which was an option in DBA 1.0, and an archer unit just for the fun of it. I also have a few elements that can make this a fantasy army for Hordes of the Things (dragon, gnomes, dryads, etc.). I sold a nice 15mm Two-Dragons viking army...that I now regret! I'm also in itching to build the Norman army. 

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