Sunday, November 4, 2012

25mm ACW Game

25mm ACW Game

Here are some pics from our last ACW game. We normally use "Johnny Reb", but this time
we played with a home-brewed variant of DBACW. Please excuse the pictures; they were taken
during gaming breaks with my cell-phone. We had an enjoyable time playing! Here are the pics:

An overview of the battle. Two Federal brigades were trying
to push out two CSA brigades holding a farm.

The Federals were held up on their left flank by the woods and
some CSA sharpshooters.

The attack on the Federal right flank went in piecemeal and
didn't make much progress (mainly due to some serious
bad dice rolling!)

The heart of the CSA defensive line. I played the CSA and
basically just had to stay put!

A picture from the CSA left flank, with the Federal attack
grinding to a halt. The yellow markers indicate "disordered" units.

A sniper trying to take out USA officers. This is an old 1st Corp figure.

Some Old Glory 28mm Confederates!

The big Federal push on their right flank!

The Federal left flank attack through the woods. They didn't make much
progress, since each brigade attacked piece-meal.

I didn't take any pics at the end of the battle, but we had a great time and
called it a minor CSA tactical victory since they still held the farm.