Sunday, January 19, 2014

The 107th Regiment, Illinois Infantry

Hello! This is my first post of 2014! I hope everybody had a great Christmas and New Year! Here is my newest unit fresh off the painting table - the 107th Illinois. They fought at the Battle of Franklin in Nov. 1864 and were positioned in the middle of the Federal line. I used a slightly darker blue for their coats than I normally do, but I think it turned out Ok. They represent a 400 man regiment for the "Johnny Reb" rules that I am so fond of!

Some of my wargaming goals for 2014:

* Continue to paint more 28mm ACW so that I can run larger scenarios.
* Continue painting more 28mm War of the Roses. My friend Titch W. and I run a game at a local convention every year and we always like to have lots of new units painted and ready to play! It's fun to watch this game grow in size every year. I think we started with a six foot table and now need at least an 18 foot table.
* Boers....I sold off my 28mm Boers and Brits but am thinking about getting back into the period. Something keeps drawing me know the feeling!
* 28mm WWII - with Chain of Command and Bolt Action - I think it's time I joined in the fun. I think I'll start with "Normandy" Germans.
* Get my painting area organized! It's total chaos right now.
* How about you? What are you planning this year?

Take care - Cory

The 107th marching past a farm in Columbia, TN.

A close up of those charming Dixon figures!

107th ....advance!

A hardened unit of tough Federal westerners.