Wednesday, June 29, 2011

28mm ACW Miniatures

American Civil War Miniatures

Here are some pictures of units from my 25mm / 28mm ACW collection. I have a fairly large 15mm ACW collection, but recently I have had the urge to do the ACW in a grander scale (28mm). Has this ever happened to you? Same period....multiple scales! My 28mm ACW figs are mostly based around Hood's 1864 middle Tennessee campaign (Spring Hill, Franklin, and Nashville), and based for the "Johnny Reb" rules. I still have a ton of unpainted lead, but I'm hoping to get some serious painting done this summer. The majority of my unpainted figures are 28mm Dixon figures.

28mm Wargames Foundry (Perry sculpts) Confederates. I painted this unit
not too long ago. I really like the pose and the proportions on Perry figures. These
are painted as the 1st & 3rd FL infantry.

First Corps 28mm figures defending a stone wall. These are
painted as the 54th GA.

Mostly Dixon 28mm Union figures. These are painted as
the 50th Ohio. This unit was heavily engaged in the fighting
at Franklin, TN.

Old Glory 25mm ACW artillery and crews. These are painted
as Ferguson's S.C. battery and Phillip's TN battery.

Another shot of the FL boys. I was experimenting with some
natual lighting here.

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  1. Yes indeed, I have ACW in both 15mm and 28mm. Very nice btw.