Thursday, July 21, 2011

15mm Seven Years War

I've been finishing up a few odds and ends with my 15mm SYW collection. I've found that I needed to paint
a few more mounted officers for the Prussians and Austrians. I haven't had the time to start any major
new periods, so I've been adding to my existing figure collections. I now game the SYW with my modified DBA style rules, but I have also played and enjoy: Warfare in the Age of Reason by Tod Kershner, The Final Argument of Kings (modified Johnny Reb for the SYW by Dean West), Koenig Krieg by Barry Gray and "Frederick's Battles" by Greg Savvinos, Tony Mathers and Michael Bornstein (modified Napoleon's Battles for the SYW). My figures are based for Koenig Krieg, which was the system the local club was using when I lived in Atlanta.

On the painting table - 15mm Essex SYW Prussian
mounted officer. I just finished painting the Austrians.

15mm Old Glory SYW Austrian Kuerassiere

Regiments F. Herzog and Serbelloni 

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