Monday, May 30, 2016

Vicksburg Game at Nashcon / Johnny Con 2016

I ran a 28mm ACW game this weekend at Nashcon / Johnny Con. It was a blast and has been my hobby project for the last few months, with painting lots of ACW figures, making earthworks, collecting abatis and cutting hills! 

It was well worth it since I think everybody had a great time playing! The game represented McClernand's Federal assault on earthworks on May 19th, 1863. The scenario was written by John Hill and was published in his classic scenario book "To the Sound of the Guns".

We fought the assault using 28mm figs (mostly Old Glory, Perry and Sash & Saber) and John Hill and GDW's "Johnny Reb 2" rules. 

The Confederate players were able to deploy their troops hidden in the earthworks however they wished (except the heavy guns which had to be in the forts). 

The Federals has to cross over the abatis and attack into the teeth of the works. Their objective was to capture two of the three redoubts. 

It was a hard fought game, but the Federals were able to capture the Square Fort on the Rebel right, which was held only by an artillery battery (which ran low on ammo) and two green dismounted cavalry regiments. Once the line was breached, the Rebel players morale sunk and they eventually threw in the towel! 

The game was played by a bunch of great guys that are part of the Johnny Reb Gaming Society, and gather once a year at "Johnny Con" to play all versions of Johnny Reb and ADF.

Here are some pictures from the game. Some of these were taken by my friend David Raybin -