Thursday, June 21, 2018

Oathmark Elves

I shared these in a previous post, but I took some more pictures and painted some more figs so I thought I'd update you on my progress! I really like these elves from North Star UK designed for the upcoming game "Oathmark". I'm using them right now play testing "Oathmark", as well as for games of "Kings of War" and the brilliant  "Hobgoblin". They also hit the spot for me for First Age elves for LotR! These units are 12 figures each.

The elves  have an 80's Tom Meier Tolkienesque look to them that I really enjoy! They were a joy to paint and I'm looking forward to more variety coming from North Star in the future. Here are some shots taken in the Mirkwood Forrest!

Good gaming - Cory 

Thursday, June 14, 2018

28mm ACW "Stones River" game at Nashcon 2018

I ran this 28mm ACW game at Nashcon this month.

Scenario - The scenario was from "Fire and Fury Regimental - The fight comes to Sheridan". The Federal center must hold out against furious Confederate assaults at the Battle of Stones River. This scenario makes a great convention game since all the troops start on the table-top and the action starts from the first turn and all players are in the fight quickly. This is a fun scenario with some Green USA troops, some Elite CSA troops, sharpshooters and lots of 1862 poor and eclectic small arms and artillery.

Rules - My favorite set of tactical ACW rules is John Hill's "Johnny Reb". I use the GDW version, often called "Johnny Reb 2". The game is fairly old school with lots of charts, but I run the charts as the GM and let the players focus on the tactics. We had several experienced players from the "Johnny Con" group at Nashcon, as well as some new players and I think everyone had a great time. I really enjoy playing old rules and I think there is a "retro-gaming" renaissance at the moment!

Figures - The guides are mainly 28mm ACW Gamer, Dixon, Old Glory, Perry plastics and Sash & Saber. I challenged myself to paint more this year since I was short about 120 Confederates and used Nashcon as the deadline. This is my motivational technique! I logged many hours at the gaming table in March, April and May getting ready for the convention. I typically listen to music, or podcasts while I paint. I find shows too distracting! How about you?

 I'll probably pick an even bigger battle next year, or something with cavalry (which I don't have) to challenge myself to paint! I normally elect Western Theater scenarios and I'm thinking about doing "Spring Hill 1864".

Terrain - I used two terrain mats, cheap stereo-foam hills underneath, x-ray film streams, a Perry farm house, painted teddy bear fur fields, HO trees and scratch built fences.

Game - The scenario saw the CSA troops quickly assaulting the Federal line. The breached the Federal left and were making steady progress only to be halted by a second Federal line and a Federal counterattack on the CSA right flank. We called the game around turn 6 as it was getting late and declared a "marginal Union victory".

Cheers - Cory R.

Here are some pictures of the game:

The Starting CSA line on their right

Softening up the Federals with some shot and shell!

The Feral center near the corn fields.

An overview of the table from the CSA side. Their goal was to crack the Federal line
and take the wooded hill behind the their line. 

View from the Federal line.

Federal reserves

Tennesseans advance! 

Here they come boys!

More Federal reserves

You have to paint the limbers and caissons, right?

The bloody angle. 

Monday, June 11, 2018

War of the Roses game at Nashcon 2018

War of the Roses at Nashcon 2018 -

Me and my friend Titch run this game every year. This is a project that we have been slowly working on since 1999. The goal has been to add a unit or two every year and fight a scenario at Nashcon every year using all of our forces! The first table we used was probably 4x4 and now we have grown to a 6x20 table! We couldn't it all the troops on our table this year and will definitely have to use a 24 ft long table next year!

We use a slightly modified version of Medieval Tactica. It's a simple set of rules, with hand fulls of six sided dice that is perfect for convention games. We played a scenario based on 1461's battle of Mortimer's Cross. We played to a conclusion in about 3-4 hours!

Here are some pictures of the game:


Cory R.