Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Stones River Visit

I was able to attend a living history event at Stones River recently and was able to observe the firing of a six gun Federal battery. It was great see see the crews in action and hear the roar of all six guns firing! I knew two of the gunners and after the event me and my family were invited to done some period coats and take some up close and personal pictures with the guns! It was a great experience and a huge "thank you" is definitely owed them!

6 gun Federal battery deployed 

The crews preparing to fire and stop the Rebel assault at Stones River! 

Yours truly! 

with the kiddos

horse artillery? It was fun loading up the guns and caissons. 


Valmy 1792

I've always been drawn more to the earlier napoleonic battles like Valmy, Marengo and Egypt. "Revolutionary Armies" did a kickstarter not too long ago for Revolutionary French and I picked up a couple units! Here is my first painted unit - the 42nd line.

They are only painted to wargames standard, but they are great sculpts from Michael Percy (Three Armies) and I think the white uniforms really make them pop!

I'm looking forward to painting more and playing out Valmy on the table top! Anybody else out there interested in early napoleonics?

Good gaming - Cory