Monday, May 30, 2011

Pictures from Nashcon 2011

I had to work all weekend so I wasn't able to attend all of the gaming sessions, but I was able to get to the evening sessions on Friday (to play) and Saturday late (just to take a few pictures). Another downside of having to work, was that by the time I got to the Con, the dealers were closed! I guess it saved me from spending all of my money! Here are some pictures from Greg McCluskey and Bill Amick's Marlburian game. Here is the description of their game:

" The Wars of Marlborough and Louis the XIV - at the beginning of the 18th Century, the forces of John Churchhill, 1st Duke of Marlborough, were embroiled in a bitter conflict with the legions of the Sun King, Louis XIV of France. Now you have the chance to see if you can outfight the seasoned veterans of the French army or perhaps take up Louis' cause and brush aside the forces of Marlborough's Confederation of troops. Greg McCluskey and Bill Amick, memebers of the Kennesaw Mountain Gamers from the Marietta, GA area, will recreate these battles at Nashcon using their 2,000+ figures and home grown rules loosley based on Fire & Fury."

The game started at 7pm on Friday and we had a great time! This picture shows
my command...a motley group of Confederation Germans.

A view of some more Confederation infantry looking at the advancing French.

The fight for the hill! I was involved in a see-saw battle for this hill in the middle.

An overview of the battle. The French are on the right.

A view of some of the British infantry. These are 28mm Front Rank figures.

Bill and Greg are obviously expert painters! Their figures are amazing!

Some of the French painted by Greg. I love this pose.

More expertly painted French. Thanks for the great game guys, and I hope you can make it back to Nashcon
next year!