Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Nashcon 2011 - Pictures

Nashcon 2011 - Nashcon was held over Memorial Day weekend in Franklin, TN. It is my local con, and even though I had to work most of the weekend, I was able to swing by and take some pictures of the Friday and Saturday night sessions. I wasn't able to take pictures of all the games, but this gives you an idea
of what kind of games were being played.

The Battle of El Al - October 7th, 1973. A great looking 15mm modern game run by Jamie Gentry, James Rogers and Eric Walther using "Modern Test of Battle" rules.

The Battle of Waterloo - GM'd by Ken Lewis in 25mm using "Napoleon's Eagles". A classic
scenario with masses of good looking 25mm figs!

Chickamauga - The fight for Brock Field. Mike Randles always puts on a
great looking game and this was no exception! 15mm ACW using Regimental Fire & Fury.

More F&F ACW action in 15mm! Great terrain and figs!

Aerodrome 2.0 - WWII Aerial Combat
This is always a popular game system and everyone looked like they wre having
a blast! GM - Stan Kubiak

Aerodrome - a plane goes down in flames!

All the King's Men - they ran a great looking 54mm AWI game. The game was run by
Ken Cliffe and Mike Lee. Their vendor booth can be seen behined the table.

A 54mm unit of American AWI troops marches into battle! Great looking figs!

The Battle of Marengo - 15mm game using "Napoleon's Battles III". A nice looking game run
by Jim Cacy.

"Iron on the River" - 1:600 ACW naval game run by Bryant Williams using his own set of rules. Nice!

 Flames of War - a picture of some of the FOW terrain in the FOW tournament room.

25mm ACW using "Volley and Bayonet" - this was a great looking game!

Afghanistan 2008 - Neel Woodall's modern Marines vs Taliban game using "Force on Force: rules.

The Battle of Kings Mountain - 25mm AWI using "Brother Against Brother" rules. The terrain and figs were very nice!
This picture shows the terrain at the start of the game before the figs were placed on the table. GM'd by Michael Coggins.

An shot of the main gaming room. The games were set up in the middle of the room and the vendors
around the perimeter. There were several smaller rooms in use: FOW room, Warhammer room, DBA room, and Flea Market room.

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