Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Battle of Budweis

The Battle of Budweis

Here are some more pictures from my hypothetical scenario, the "Battle of Budweis". This picture shows some of
the starting positions of the Austrians (right) and the French (left). The Austrians are essentially delpoyed
in a line from the top end of the table to the bridge. They do have a few units in Budweis. The French are deployed all along the front, but have some units in reserve to ad some weight to
wherever they decide to attack.

Budweis - a view of the Austrian position around the town and bridge. Their
objective is to prevent the French army from capturing this bridge.

This is a picture of the overall French and Austrian starting positions. The French are
deployed along the left edge of the table. Their cavalry is on their extreme left flank and the Bavarians
are on the right.
The Austrians are deployed along the right side of the table. They are essentially
deployed in line from the bridge to the top of the table. This picture also shows some of my gaming room
and general mess!

The French - a view from the French left flank. I love the windmill!

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