Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Battle of Budweis heats up!

The Austrian grenadiers had to commited early
in order to stabalize the Austrian left flank. They were
very successsful and helped turn the tide of battle
in this sector. Here they are punching through the orchard.

The French are having trouble on the their left flank. Their cavalry was
routed and all they have left are these two infantry units
and a little artillery. The Austrians are pushing hard and it will
be interesting to see if the French can break the middle before
they are outflanked on their left.

The big French push in the center. They have thrown all their
weight into the middle! The Austrians have been barely hanging on!

The Bavarians have been shot up by the Austrian artillery and a unit of
Jaegers just across the river.

A second view of the big French push in the center.

A picture from the French side. This is an old unit of
15mm Naismith figures. They are"true" 15mm figs and
still have a lot of charm.

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