Friday, May 20, 2011

15mm Napoleonics: The Battle of Budweis

The French commander went straight for the Austrian middle. Here we have some
French infantry units advancing in colomn towards the heart of the Austrian position.

The Battle of Budweis

Here are some pictures of the 15mm Napoleonics game we played. The scenario
was a hypothetical encounter set during the Aspern & Wagram campaign of 1809.
The French, (with Bavarian allies) were pushing towards Vienna and needed to capture an Austrian held bridge over the Elbe River. So the stage was set... Here are some pics of the opening moves!

Austrian massed guns defending the bridge. They have just started shelling
the Bavarians advancing against them at long range.

Cavalry action on the Austrian right flank. The French commander has launched attacks at the
Austrian middle and right flanks. The Bavarians have been only demonstrating against the Austrian left flank.

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