Sunday, May 15, 2011

15mm Napoleonic Figures

15mm Napoleonic Figures

I haven't taken these guys out of their cigar boxes in long time! Here are some
pictures from my 15mm Nap. collection. They are organized for the 1809 Danube campaign, so
I have mostly French, Austrians, Bavarians and a few minor German states. Our gaming group started with
"Empire" years ago, and then moved to "Napoleon's Battles", when it was released. I now play using my
own home brewed "DBA" style horse and musket game.

!5mm Battle Honours French Old Guard

A unit of French line infantry. Old Glory figures.

One of my favorite French cavalry units. These are old Naismith figures.

BA Austrian Hussars

An old unit of "Empire" Austrian line infantry. Most of my buildings
are from "Architectural Heritage".

Battle Honour 15mm Austrian line infantry advance!

Bavarians...the infantry is from OG and the artilley is BA.

An overview of the Bavarian deployment, showing some of the game we are setting up!

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