Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Terrain Building: A light trench

Building An Earthwork:

This was something that was easy to do and turned out OK. I used a few scraps of the fine textured pink/blue styrofoam (not the corse white styrofoam) and carved out a section that looked like an earthwork. I then glued it to a thin piece of cardboard and let it dry overnight. I then painted the entire piece with many layers of dark brown paint, and then added some sand to the mix. After the sand had dried I dry brushed several lighter shades of brown over the entire earthwork and added some green flocking. Overall I think it turned out OK, and I'm looking forward to building a few feet of these! The only significant mistake I made was to spray the earthwork with a matte finish. The finish ate away some of the styrofoam and I had to go back over it and repair / repaint a few patches.

The 2nd Delaware holding the earthwork. These are mostly 15mm Freikorps figures.

Another picture of the earthwork and defending Union infantry regiment.

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