Sunday, June 12, 2011

Chickamauga, GA, Sept. 19, 1863 - Johnny Reb 15mm ACW Scenario

This is a classic "what if" scenario included in the old "Johnny Reb" boxed set. Historically CSA Gen.
Breckinridge was recalled by Bragg and not allowed to develop his massed flank attack on Gen. Negley's USA division. This scenario allows gamers to see what might have happened if he had been allowed to develop his attack. I really enjoy hypothetical scenarios, since the gamers don't have the benefit of hindsight. I took these pictures before the game started, and they show the starting positions of the troops. I will post some pictures of the game in action soon!

The starting CSA postions in this scenario.

Stirwell's brigade holding the line! Beatty's brigade
can be seen marching off in the distance.

The last Union unit on their right flank. In the many times
we have played this scenario, this is always a key unit!

Stanley's artillery holding the road on the right flank.

Helm's CSA brigade advances! These are old 15mm
(more like 18mm) Vulcan Forge figures.

The "hot corner" of the table - turn 1.

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