Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wargamer's Digest November 1978 - "Johnnie Reb"

Wargamer's Digest

I was digging through some of my old magazines and came across this gem. It is a copy of Wargamer's Digest from Nov. 1878 (Vol. 6, #1). The magazine contains a scenario of  Seven Pines, written by Dean West. It's interesting in that "Johnnie Reb" wasn't yet published at that time, and was still a few years away. It is a battle report from a game run at GenCon XI " as a demonstration of "Johnnie Reb", the new ACW rules designed by John Hill and soon be released by Heritage Models".

The cover of Wargamer's Digest.

The first two pages of the article. Dean did a great job writing this article
and I would consider it quite ahead of it's time for wargaming in 1978. John and Dean really
stress realistic terrain  (you should see some of the other pics in the magazine), limited intelligence,
accurate OOB's and sceanrio design.

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