Wednesday, June 8, 2011

25mm War of the Roses

War of the Roses - I have been painting WOR figures for a few years now. This has really been a "back seat" project and I have just been squeezing in painting units when I can. My army consists mainly of 25mm Wargames Foundry, Old Glory and Front Rank figures (and a few Dixon Flodden figures). We are using slightly modified Medieval Tactica rules by Artly Conliffe. These rules are easy to play and work very well. I can definitely recommend them!The main modifications are that we are little more flexible in the way units can maneuver on the table-top, and we field slightly larger units. Our average foot unit size is 32 figures (4 stands of 8 figs per stand) and the average mounted unit is 18 figures.

We have been using the "Flower of Chivalry" booklet by the Canadian Wargamers Group (by Bruce McFarlane) as a guide for our OOB and unit organizations. This is really a great book and resource if you are interested in the Medieval period. I have been mainly painting units for the Lancastrian army under the Duke of Sommerset at the battle of Tewksbury, May 4th, 1471. My friend, Titch, has been painting the Yorkists. We are about done with this project and we each only need to paint a few units of longbowmen. I still have two boxes of plastic Perry Miniatures units I need to get from Titch and I am looking forward to painting these! Here are some pictures of a recent game in action:

25mm War of the Roses action taking place on my gaming table!

Two armies deployed for battle. This is really my Lancastrian army and a friend
of mine has the Yorkists. We have been planning a big convention Tewkesbury game soon! On occasion
I like to get out my Lancastrians and have them fight amongst themselves!

A unit of Front Rank knights. These are really nice figures, but slightly
larger than the Old Glory and Wargames Foundry figs.

The skirmish for the farm! Some shire archers and mecenary handgunners
fight for control of the field and farm.

Front Rank Burgundian pikemen on a bridge.


  1. Great looking table and impressive army sizes.


  2. That is some collection for a back seat project.
    Looking good.

  3. Silver - I saw your WOR figs and they are amazing! I have two units of Perry plactics on the painting table right now and then I need to buy or make some period buildings. Your's look fantastic. Any recommendations? Hovels?

  4. Very impressive scenery. The minis are beautifully painted!