Monday, April 18, 2011

The 1st Tennessee

The 1st TN Infantry Regiment

This is the completed unit that was shown as a work in progress on my mess of a painting table last post. I recently finished them and decided to take a few pictures. I painted them as the 1st TN in 1862. This is their second battle flag (the first was captured during an ambush at Cheat Mountain in 1861). This "Polk" pattern flag was captured at the battle of Perryville on October 8th, 1862 by the 1st Wisconsin Volunteers! These are "new" 15mm Essex ACW figures. Here is a great link to some information on the flag's of the 1st TN.

1st TN Infantry Regiment

1st TN from a different angle, defending a rail fence. The fence and
stone orchard wall were made by my friend Howard Whitehouse a few years
ago for a Chickamauga project I was working on.

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  1. I always wanted o make something like this when I was young. Those little Infantry Regiment soldiers look very cute, good job!

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