Saturday, April 16, 2011

A typical gamer's painting table!

Painting Table

This is where I paint and work on my hobby. It's a corner in my garage that is usually a mess and has about
10 different projects going at once! If you look carefully you'll see 15mm ACW, 15mm mtd officers
for the SYW, AWI, and NAP periods, 28mm GW trolls, 28 War of the Roses, 15mm napoleonic buildings, my coffee, and lots of other odds n' ends! Probaly looks a lot like your table, right!

Where the magic happens!

Work in progress - I'm painting the 1st TN in 15mm. These are Essex
figures I picked up at Wargames.  I'm paiting them as the 1st TN circa 1862 with the Polk pattern battle flag.

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  1. Everything is a mess which means everything is in order! Looks like mine.;-)