Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Johnny Reb Scenario: Pitzer's Run, Pennsylvania, July 2nd, 1863

Pitzer's Run Scenario

We played this scenario this evening and had a great time. This is a small scenario from the original "Johnny Reb"
scenario booklet that came included with the rules. Pitzer's Run is an introductory scenario perfect for
teaching new players the "Johnny Reb" rules. The historical setting is the second day of Gettysburg, where Gen. Sickels orders Col. Berdan to scout into Pitzer's woods near the flank of his Corps. Berdan and his men, the 1st batt.,1st USSS and the 3rd Maine enter the woods and encounter two CSA infantry regiments, the 10th and 11th AL.

The scenario - this is a small battlefield - only 2x2 ft.
It fits nicely into a corner of the gaming table!

The Union 3rd Maine. This is a 15 figure unit mostly consisting of old
Frontier 15mm ACW figures. Essex mtd officer.

The battlefield - showing the wooded terrain, stream and troops.

The Union - I realized that I didn't have a 1st USSS (Berdan's) painted so
I had another small unit already painted that served in their place for today. This scenario
inspired me to go down to Wargames soon and pick up a unit of Berdans Sharpshooters to paint!

The encounter in the woods. This picture shows the rebel position beter. Most of the rebs
are also Frontier figures.

The wargame - we removed the trees for ease of play and allowed the players to deploy their troops in secret. We then placed the troops on the table and used sighting rolls for visibility. I thought it would be difficult to teach two new
players how to play with the hidden picket rules. I am teaching my sons how to play!

The 1st USSS advances over the steam. This turned out to be a mistake, since they became
isolated from their supporting unit. The Union player had been first firing for the first two turns but wasn't
able to inflict many casualties due to poor die rolling and poor sighting rolls! This caused him to advance in frustration to get a little closer in range.

The turning point! After a few turn of shooting at each other in the woods, the CSA saw
a great opporunity to charge the  isolated 1st USSS.

The CSA coordinated charge with both units routed the 1st USSS, but fell short of impacting the 3rd Maine in line. The scenario ends when one unit is removed and the players agreed that the USA would withdraw from the woods after seeing the 1st USSS rout.

A picture of the routed 1st USSS with the 3rd Maine still holding the line!

The 3rd Maine facing the 10th and 11th AL. The rebs are in disorder and it might be
the perfect time for a counter-attack!

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