Monday, May 30, 2011

Pictures from Nashcon 2011

I had to work all weekend so I wasn't able to attend all of the gaming sessions, but I was able to get to the evening sessions on Friday (to play) and Saturday late (just to take a few pictures). Another downside of having to work, was that by the time I got to the Con, the dealers were closed! I guess it saved me from spending all of my money! Here are some pictures from Greg McCluskey and Bill Amick's Marlburian game. Here is the description of their game:

" The Wars of Marlborough and Louis the XIV - at the beginning of the 18th Century, the forces of John Churchhill, 1st Duke of Marlborough, were embroiled in a bitter conflict with the legions of the Sun King, Louis XIV of France. Now you have the chance to see if you can outfight the seasoned veterans of the French army or perhaps take up Louis' cause and brush aside the forces of Marlborough's Confederation of troops. Greg McCluskey and Bill Amick, memebers of the Kennesaw Mountain Gamers from the Marietta, GA area, will recreate these battles at Nashcon using their 2,000+ figures and home grown rules loosley based on Fire & Fury."

The game started at 7pm on Friday and we had a great time! This picture shows
my command...a motley group of Confederation Germans.

A view of some more Confederation infantry looking at the advancing French.

The fight for the hill! I was involved in a see-saw battle for this hill in the middle.

An overview of the battle. The French are on the right.

A view of some of the British infantry. These are 28mm Front Rank figures.

Bill and Greg are obviously expert painters! Their figures are amazing!

Some of the French painted by Greg. I love this pose.

More expertly painted French. Thanks for the great game guys, and I hope you can make it back to Nashcon
next year!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Battle of Budweis heats up!

The Austrian grenadiers had to commited early
in order to stabalize the Austrian left flank. They were
very successsful and helped turn the tide of battle
in this sector. Here they are punching through the orchard.

The French are having trouble on the their left flank. Their cavalry was
routed and all they have left are these two infantry units
and a little artillery. The Austrians are pushing hard and it will
be interesting to see if the French can break the middle before
they are outflanked on their left.

The big French push in the center. They have thrown all their
weight into the middle! The Austrians have been barely hanging on!

The Bavarians have been shot up by the Austrian artillery and a unit of
Jaegers just across the river.

A second view of the big French push in the center.

A picture from the French side. This is an old unit of
15mm Naismith figures. They are"true" 15mm figs and
still have a lot of charm.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Battle of Budweis

The Battle of Budweis

Here are some more pictures from my hypothetical scenario, the "Battle of Budweis". This picture shows some of
the starting positions of the Austrians (right) and the French (left). The Austrians are essentially delpoyed
in a line from the top end of the table to the bridge. They do have a few units in Budweis. The French are deployed all along the front, but have some units in reserve to ad some weight to
wherever they decide to attack.

Budweis - a view of the Austrian position around the town and bridge. Their
objective is to prevent the French army from capturing this bridge.

This is a picture of the overall French and Austrian starting positions. The French are
deployed along the left edge of the table. Their cavalry is on their extreme left flank and the Bavarians
are on the right.
The Austrians are deployed along the right side of the table. They are essentially
deployed in line from the bridge to the top of the table. This picture also shows some of my gaming room
and general mess!

The French - a view from the French left flank. I love the windmill!

Friday, May 20, 2011

15mm Napoleonics: The Battle of Budweis

The French commander went straight for the Austrian middle. Here we have some
French infantry units advancing in colomn towards the heart of the Austrian position.

The Battle of Budweis

Here are some pictures of the 15mm Napoleonics game we played. The scenario
was a hypothetical encounter set during the Aspern & Wagram campaign of 1809.
The French, (with Bavarian allies) were pushing towards Vienna and needed to capture an Austrian held bridge over the Elbe River. So the stage was set... Here are some pics of the opening moves!

Austrian massed guns defending the bridge. They have just started shelling
the Bavarians advancing against them at long range.

Cavalry action on the Austrian right flank. The French commander has launched attacks at the
Austrian middle and right flanks. The Bavarians have been only demonstrating against the Austrian left flank.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

15mm Napoleonic Figures

15mm Napoleonic Figures

I haven't taken these guys out of their cigar boxes in long time! Here are some
pictures from my 15mm Nap. collection. They are organized for the 1809 Danube campaign, so
I have mostly French, Austrians, Bavarians and a few minor German states. Our gaming group started with
"Empire" years ago, and then moved to "Napoleon's Battles", when it was released. I now play using my
own home brewed "DBA" style horse and musket game.

!5mm Battle Honours French Old Guard

A unit of French line infantry. Old Glory figures.

One of my favorite French cavalry units. These are old Naismith figures.

BA Austrian Hussars

An old unit of "Empire" Austrian line infantry. Most of my buildings
are from "Architectural Heritage".

Battle Honour 15mm Austrian line infantry advance!

Bavarians...the infantry is from OG and the artilley is BA.

An overview of the Bavarian deployment, showing some of the game we are setting up!