Wednesday, August 8, 2012

28mm ACW Game

28mm ACW "Johnny Reb" Game

Here are some pics from a "Johnny Reb" game that we are currently
playing. We are probably about 1/3 done and will get together next week to
finish. It is a basic scenario, where 2 CSA brigades are defending
against two larger attacking USA brigades.  

Scott Gore has set up a "Johnny Reb" wikipage. Check it out!

The Union advance through the woods.

A Rebel 6# battery opens fire!

An overview of the game. The Rebs are defending behind
the creek and the USA objective is to push them out
of the area.

Some sharpshooters holding the rough ground near the creek. They
rolled snake eyes early and ran low on ammo!

Some Florida boys rush to get into a good position before
the Yanks get there.

Union guns cover the advance of the infantry.

On the painting table - 28mm Dixon Rebs. I'm painting
an OOB for a scenario I want to run at Nashcon 2013.


  1. I always like the ability to leave games and come back for a proper finish and get a result Cory!

    1. Fran, yes! We also have a lot of fun trash talking during the week between turns!

  2. Nice pics of some great looking figures! I've only ever played 1 game of Johnny Reb, but still enjoyed it!

    1. Ray thanks! Johnny Reb gives a good "tactical" game and is my favorite ACW rules set.

  3. That does look like a wonderfully set up; very jealous!

    1. Thanks, A carpenter friend built the table many years ago and I try to make sure it gets plenty of activity!