Tuesday, July 17, 2012

118th Ohio Infantry

The 118th Ohio Infantry

This is my interpretation of the 118th OH Infantry. These are 28mm Dixon ACW
figures. I used a lighter blue wash on the uniforms, but I think it still looks "right" from the 2ft wargaming 
perspective. My older Union troops were painted in a dark navy blue, and they look quite dark
on the gaming table. This is the last unit I needed to paint to finish a brigade, and so I currently have Rebs
on the painting table. I have to mix it up a little bit to keep it fresh!

The 118th OH was a veteran unit recruited from Lima, Mansfield and Cincinnati, Ohio in August 1862.
They fought in the Atlanta Campaign, Franklin-Nashville Campaign and finally in the Carolinas. They
were mustered out on June 24th, 1865. I am painting troops from the Battle of Franklin and the 118th OH
fought on the main line of works between the Locust Grove and Carter's Creek Pike. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/118th_Ohio_Infantry

28mm ACW Dixon figures marching past a farm. I'm going to post some
pics of the entire brigade soon.

Marching past the General! I can't wait to get these guys
on the gaming table.....although my freshly painted troops
always seem to rout in their first game!  

Rear view - these are based for "Johnny Reb 1 or 2" - each figure
is 20 men so this is a 500 man regiment. 

a closer view

The 118th OH in line of battle. Each infantry unit has 5 stands in JR 1&2.

Confederate spy's view from the woods!


  1. Stunning work and great photography to show them off to their best. I love the characterful faces on the command stand, brilliant!

  2. Nice work on both the regiment and the scenery!


  3. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks for the comments. I really appreciate the feedback! Cory

  5. Hello, would you be interested in selling me some of these minis?
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