Sunday, August 26, 2012

Glorfindel - 28mm LotR

Glorfindel - The Lord of the Rings

I had this GW blister of Glorfindel sitting on my table for years and 
I thought it would be a fun and quick project while taking a 
break from painting ACW figures...I was right! I was able to paint
both figures in a couple days and it was refreshing not having 
to paint another canteen or knapsack! 

Glorfindel is an elven lord, and appears in the LotR books, but is replaced by Arwen in the 
movie. Here is a good Glorfindel link:

The mounted Glorfindel. 

His cloak.

28mm Games Workshop Glorfindel

Mounted and on foot. 

Another angle of both figures.

An iPhone camera effect.


  1. In teh 1970s cartoon version by Ralph Bakshi, he's replaced by Legolas. Poor Glorfindel!

    1. Yeah, he's the elven Rodney Dangerfield...he gets no respect! He is one of my favorite "minor" LotR characters.