Sunday, August 19, 2012

More 28mm ACW!

More 28mm ACW

I have been staying on course with my 28mm ACW project. I'm trying to
get enough units painted before Nashcon 2013 in the Spring of next year. I think I'll have
plenty of time, but I like to have a set date in mind as my goal. It keeps me motivated! I'm starting
to feel a little ACW burn out now, and I think I'll switch over to some LotR figures in
honor of the new GW store that opened near my house!

My latest unit off the painting table - the 31st TN. They fought
at the Battle of Franklin and were part of Otho Strahl's brigade
and Brown's division. 28mm Dixon figures.

An overview of our latest game with some of my hobby room
mess in the background!

Another "Johnny Reb" game shot! The rebel charge in
the middle has just been shot up and repulsed!

A "shaken" morale marker.

A shaken unit. I had painted some of these before, but they
blended in with the terrain too easily. These really stand out!

A "routed" unit and marker.


  1. Lovely work and very envious of your hobby room, messy or not!

  2. Well I'm not burned out looking at your ACW figures! Great work!


    1. Chris, thanks! I'm trying to paint my way through a mountain of lead...:)

  3. It is never easy staying on course so I take my hat off to you sir, with your dedication to an ever expanding ACW collection.

    1. Pat, thanks! I like to hammer away at a project and then throw in a diversion or too!