Friday, June 1, 2012

Nashcon 2012 pictures - Mega Naval Game

Here are some pictures I took last weekend at Nashcon 2012. These are of the huge "Gunboat Dilpomacy" naval game and also of Richard Houston's vendor booth. Here is a description of the game from the convention events list: 

"David Raybin and Bob Duncan have emptied their closets of all the BIG ships in their fleets! This game is so BIG that Mike Peccolo is going to help referee the proceedings. What's the scenario, you ask? When ya' got big boats with 90 pounders you don't need a scenario! Just fill the sky with lead and the water with torpedoes! Oh, did we mention submarines? Daivd and Bob bring us their 25mm naval free-for-all using Bob's Gunboat Diplomacy rules and more ships than you can shake a yardarm at! Room for 16 players."

massive game using two huge tables! Great looking boats and crews!

The fleet in action

One fleet on one table and the other on a second table

awesome detail on this ship

Not part of the game but cool too! Richard Houston (Lyzard's Grin & Houston's) makes these large
boats and sells them at cons. Great guy selling great ships!

Pirate ship - reasonable price!

Richard Houston's vendor booth