Monday, June 4, 2012

DBA at Nashcon 2012

Nashcon DBA

The Nashville Area DBA Group had a permanent gaming area set up at Nashcon for 
open DBA gaming, themed games and a DBA Arthurian Tournament. I played in two games
on Friday. The first was against Terry Webb. We played Marian Roman vs Gauls and my Romans
squeaked out a victory, but I'm certain Terry took it easy on me! The second game I played was a DBA
double game. David Crenshaw and I (Romans) took on Terry and Paul Potter's Gaulic hordes. To sum up the battle...we were crushed when Paul's chariots got around my flank and were running wild in our rear...
never a good sign. 

Paul's Gauls on the left and David's Romans on the right. This
was a 1x1 game they played while Terry and I were slugging it out.

Romans vs Terry's Gauls. Terry supplied all the figs! The group had  plenty of armies available for
players to use.

Paul Potter's excellent Gauls....behind my Romans. Paul is
an excellent painter and his figures really stand out on the tabletop.

Here is a link to some pictures Terry took of the DBA games at Nashcon: