Sunday, May 27, 2012

28mm War of the Roses Game at Nashcon 2012

28mm War of the Roses

This weekend was Nashcon 2012, and me and my good friend, Titch W., ran
a War of the Roses game. We ran a hypothetical scenario set during the Tewkesbury campaign of 1471. We used slightly modified "Medieval Tactica" rules. These rules are great for convention games because they are simple, bloody, and play to a conclusion quickly. The average unit size was 32 foot and 18 mounted figures per unit.  The figures are mostly 28mm Old Glory, Wargames Foundry, Front Rank and some Perry plastics. We actually had more figs than table and didn't use all of the figures we brought to the con. Next year we are planning on a table twice as big so we'll have room for Titch's castle, a river and 100% of our figures. We had four players and a great time! Here are some pictures from my iPhone:

Nascon 2012 - this year was very busy and I think there were  more gamers in attendance than
in the last 5+ years. It was good to see so many gamers out gaming and supporting the vendors!

An overview of the starting positions (and my Starbucks)!

The Lancastrians on the left (my figs) and the Yorkists on the right (Titch's figs).

A close up of some of my troops about to go into action!

Titch on left and me on the right

Titch's Yorkists

First blood... the light horse tried to ride up and shoot the artillerymen.
The horsemen  got shot up and routed!

Some of the Lancastrian army

One of my good friends, Chris W. played on the Yorkist side.
He brought his camera and will send me some better pics of the
battle to post. Thanks Chris!

Things got messy in and around the hedges.

Chris's Yorkist foot knights try to push Jeff's archers off the hill!
(...which they did with ease!)

After the battle...the Lancastrians won the day! Chris and Titch were
read a list of their crimes and then beheaded!


  1. That is a great looking game; well done to all concerned!

  2. Great looking game Cory and a grim but just ending!

  3. An awesome looking game!!!!!! Poor Chris and Titch!!

  4. My word, you still had more figures to place on the table. Very impressive collection and it captures the look of a big battle.