Wednesday, June 6, 2012

More Nashcon 2012 pictures

Nashcon 2012

Here are some more pictures I took of some of the games at Nashcon 2012.

The War of the Roses game that Titch and I ran. This was a photo
break! Jeff (in black) played on my side and Chris (red) played on Titch's
Yorkist side.

"Horns of a Dilemma" game. 1,300 25mm Zulus and Brits fight it out.
Hosted by Keith Sullivan and Roger Dospil. This was a great looking game!


The attack on the British camp.

Bob Moon's excellent 40mm FIW game. Bob has some of the
best figures and terrain at Nashcon every year. These are well
painted 40mm Sash and Saber figures (mostly).

Bob had custom die rollers on the corners of the table. I like how they
are incorporated into the terrain. Nice!

One of Bob Moon's 40mm Indian villages. Incredible terrain

Regimental Fire and Fury - the Battle of Stones River Dec. 31,1862
Mike Randles always runs a great looking game and this year he put on
a RFF game in 15mm. 

Mike's great looking terrain and figures. I would have loved to
have played in this game but it ran during the same session as my WOR game.

Stone's River - just a short drive to the battlefield from the Con!
Nashcon is held in Franklin, TN every year during Memorial Day weekend.

More of Mike's 15mm rebs!

"It Came from Beyond the Still" - a fun looking game featuring hillbillies vs aliens!

"Warfare in the Land of the Rising Sun" - a Samurai game by Keith Sullivan
featuring 1,200 25mm figures. Epic!

"The Battle of Salamanca" - a great looking 15mm "Volley and Bayonet" game run by
Joe Collins.

August 1914 - a cool looking early WWI game run by
Jesse Scarborough.

All the King's Men - 54mm War of 1812. Ken Cliffe set up
the ATKM vendor table and then ran some awesome looking 54mm games!

ATKM 54mm figures

A great looking game! The size of the figures and terrain is impressive!


  1. Nice pics, love the FIW game, but 40mm??????

  2. Some wonderful looking games, but my word look at all those Zulus, "thousands of 'em".

  3. Awesome looking tables in particular the FIW!


  4. Some great looking games but I still think your WOTR game takes the biscuit.