Friday, May 4, 2012

ACW Split Rail Fences

Here are some pictures I took of split rail fences on the Franklin battlefield. I wanted some 
examples to use to when building my own fences, but I thought some of my bloggin' buddies might
be interested as well! I also included a few pictures of the Franklin, TN battlefield.

A post split rail fence. This is located near the location of the
cotton gin.

The Cotton Gin after the war. 

Same post spilt rail fence. These are fairly high and the top
of the fence is mid-chest high.

Showing some curvature in the fence line.

One of my 28mm fences with some Union boys defending it.

A split rail fence near Winstead Hill. These could be easily built
on rocky / rough ground since they didn't require post holes.

Gen. Hood's view of the Franklin battlefield. Looking north from
Winstead Hill. Columbia Pike runs N from the bottom right to the
middle left. The heavy fighting took place at the Carter House where the
pike disappears into the woods.  In the 1860's the area was mostly open
fields with scattered woods.


  1. Some great pics, they should prove very useful.

    1. Thanks Ray, I'm going to take some pictures of some of the houses too soon. I want to try my hand at building some 15mm ACW houses. I'll post those pics too! Thanks man!

  2. Great reference material, many thanks.

  3. It is good to actually see the real thing. Thanks for sharing.