Wednesday, May 16, 2012

28mm Dixon Miniatures Confederate General

28mm Dixon Confederate Command Stand

I have been painting a lot of Union infantry lately, and it was nice to put away the blue
paint and break out my greys and browns. Here are some pictures of a CSA general
I painted this week.

A front view of the general and standard bearer. Hovel ACW
building in the background. 

One of the local lads came out to cheer on the Rebs!


  1. Really nice work! It is fun jumping between the two sides for a change of pace.


  2. Truly excellent work Cory! Really great basing too, in fact the whole ensemble is top notch.

  3. This chap will certainly stand out on the table. Superb painting and basing.

  4. I like them very much, keep up the great work.