Sunday, April 29, 2012

72 IL - 28mm Dixon Figures

Here is the latest unit off the painting table - the 72nd IL. These are 28mm Dixon figures based for "Johnny Reb". I have been fairly productive lately (for me!) and this is  my second 25 figure unit in two weeks. If I can can crank out a unit a week for the next few months I'll have enough figures for the scenario I'm planing to run at next year's Nashcon (and some time for playtesting). 

The 72nd IL fought at Franklin, TN and were in the thick of the fighting near the Carter House.They were part of Schofield's 23rd Army Corp, Second Division, and Col. Strockland's Third Brigade.

The 72nd march past a scratch built fence and Perry plastic house.

Another angle of the 72nd IL

Marching to the sound of the guns!

One of my wife's planters photo-bombing my troops!

Delpoyed in line of battle

Marching past a plastic Perry fence!


  1. Nice work! I've built a few of those fences by hand it was time consuming so I may pick up a few of those Perry ones and maybe the house as well.:-)


  2. A great looking unit Cory and beautifully photographed in the natural light. I've recently picked up a Perry's home and hope mine comes out half as good as yours.

  3. Sharp looking unit, your pictures are done very well.

  4. Very nice looking troops! Top painting.

  5. Lovely painting, terrain and photography.

  6. Another great unit, lovely work, that's a good goal a unit a week!