Wednesday, May 23, 2012

81st Regiment Indiana Infantry

81st Indiana

This regiment was organized and mustered in at New Albany, IN on 
August 29, 1862. They were a veteran unit, having served at: Perryville, 
Stones River, Chickamauga, the Atlanta Campaign, Battle of Franklin and the Battle of Nashville. They
were mustered out in Nashville on June 13, 1865. 

These are 28mm Dixon figures that kicked my butt! They took forever to paint because of 
their "full kit". I had forgotten how much more I like to paint simpler "campaign" figures. Even though
they don't look too bad, these guys had all the bells and whistles like: backpacks, blankets, straps,
canteens, gun straps, buttons, socks, etc. It could only have been worse had they been NAP or SYW

81st IN - painted as a 25 figure unit for "Johnny Reb" (approx. 500 men)

The officer seems like a confident chap!

I painted them like a veteran "Western" Federal unit might have looked
like at the Battle of Franklin in Nov. 1864

Marching to the sound of the guns!

Rear view of all those packs and straps!

A close up of the Hoosiers.

March attack!

Rear view of the line.


  1. Great work, the campaign kit looks great and adds to the look of the figure!

  2. Well for what it is worth they were must certainly worth the effort; they look tremendous Cory.

  3. Another great looking unit for your ever expanding collection.