Sunday, December 22, 2013

ACW 28mm "Shiloh" game using Across A Deadly Field

We played a 28mm ACW game recently at my place. We used John Hill's soon to be published grand tactical rules "Across A Deadly Field". These should be available from Osprey in the Spring/Summer of 2014. I plan on writing a more detailed review and after action report soon, but I wanted to quickly share a few iPhone pics of the game. I've been super busy at work, so I probably won't have time for another post until the New Year, so if I don't see you until then..... Merry Christmas! Cory

The game set up and ready to go! Loosely based on Shiloh. Lot's or poorly armed Rebs attacking a few Yanks barely holding on!

28mm Dixon Federals.

The Federal line awaits the assault.

A local Federal counter-attack!

Giving the Rebs some double canister!

The Federals hold the sunken road.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

ACW Casualty Markers

I have been wanting to eliminate the table-top clutter from my ACW games. I while ago I made some markers using miniatures for morale (shaken and routed), and low on ammo. I recently saw some great Napoleonic markers on the blog-o-sphere and wanted to try my hand at an ACW version.

I will use these for small games, with 12 or less units per side, and I think it will be a great way to eliminate the pipe cleaners I normally use to mark casualties. Let me know what you think! Here are some iPhone pictures:

A wooden base with a little putty to create a socket for the die.

Some paint, sand and dry brushing.

The finished product! A friend recommended I use black dice instead!

The 81st IL has taken two hits.

I have set up a playtest game of John Hill's new rules "Across a Deadly Field". I'll be posting an AAR soon.

An iPhone picture of my table. The scenario is based on Shiloh with the Rebs having to attack the Union position. You can see some of the Rebs massed in their starting areas at the back of the table.


Thursday, November 14, 2013

3rd Confederate Infantry Regiment

Here is my latest unit fresh off the painting table - the Third Confederate Infantry Regiment. They started as the 18th AR infantry but were soon re-designated as the 3rd Conf. Infantry. They fought in the Western Theater and I've painted them as they might have looked as part of Cleburne's division at the Battle of Franklin in 1864.

These are "old School" 25mm Frontier Miniatures figures. I used to live near where they cast these wonderful figures and I am somewhat nostalgic about them. I remember going to Modelers Mart in Tampa, Florida and watching while they cast these to order. They were great figures back in the 80's, but not so much by today's standards. I have a lot of great gaming memories painting and playing with these figures, and I regret not buying more when they were easily available. Now I troll the halls of eBay looking for them!

I think a lot of people feel the way about certain types of old figure ranges. I few of my friends really hold dear their old 25mm Napoleonic Mini-fig figures and another still loves his old Peter Gilder 25mm Connoisseur figures. They do have a certain charm! Any old ranges that you still hold a special place for you?

Cheers - Cory

25mm Frontier ACW - the Third Confederate Infantry


Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween, or The Headless Horseman rides again!

I have shared these pictures before, but it seemed an appropriate time to share them again! These are from a 28mm "Headless Horseman" skirmish / RPG game that I run on occasion. Great, imaginative figures from West Wind's Gothic Horror range.

The Horseman seeks out his next victim!

Some of the residents of Sleepy Hollow come outside to see what all the excitement is about.

The old Hessian!

The Sleepy Hollow town militia head out into the woods to investigate.

Another shot of the town militia.
 Happy Halloween and Good Gaming! - Cory

Friday, October 25, 2013

My latest projects

Hello fellow gamers! It's been a while since my last post, so here's a quick update on what I've been working on!

Here is a gate I made. This will work well for my War of the Roses terrain. I also made a few more feet of hedges. I use those paint stirrer sticks as bases. You can get them at most "do it yourself" home improvement stores.
I've been building lots of little terrain bits. These are the perfect kind of things to work on when I don't have time for larger projects. I have been focusing on redoing my trees, woods, hedges, fences, etc. I've been creating a lot of new things, but I'm also going back and improving on some older terrain. I find that every few years I need to update some of my older projects!

A barn and some fencing I made for my ACW collection. These are some Dixon dismounted Federal cavalry that I recently painted.

A pile of wood or hasty works that I quickly made and glued together! A little glue and dry brushing works magic on these simple projects!

The barn that I made. I used an app on my iPhone that turned the picture into a black and white sketch. I thought it looked cool!

I'm honored to be play-testing John Hill's new set of ACW rules. I've also been painting figures for possible inclusion in the rule book and future scenario books. How cool is that! I've currently got a unit of 28mm Rebs on my painting table.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A few more ACW figures!

My friend Chris came over and took a few pictures of some of my recently painted ACW figs. His camera is a lot better than mine, so I thought I'd take advantage of that and share some of his pics! We all have that friend with the awesome camera, right? Thanks, Chris! Click on the pics to enlarge.

Dismounted 28mm Dixon CSA cavalry figures. I just finished the rest of the unit (3 more stands). I'll post some pics soon.

A lone Federal dismounted cavalryman.

The 111th Ohio crossing a bridge.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

A few more 28mm ACW figures!

I've been on a roll lately painting more 28mm ACW figures! It's nice to get some time at the painting table every day. I'm still painting through my mountain of Dixon's, but I plan on buying some Sash and Saber in the near future. I've been checking out their website and they look fantastic!

I've been building ACW units for the OOB for the Battle of Franklin, 1864. I figure I'll just keep painting until I have them all painted! We'll anyway, here are a few pictures of units fresh off the painting table:

111th Ohio - stationed on the main line of works at the Battle of Franklin. I painted them as a veteran Federal unit with brown leather equipment and faded blue uniforms. The flags are the free Warflags, but I've touched them up a bit and added a little glue to give them that "waving in the breeze" look. This is a 20 man unit for "Johnny Reb 2".

Dismounted Rebel cavalry - I painted two stands to play test John Hill's new grand tactical ACW rules (two stands is a regiment). The remainder of the unit is on the painting table.These are going to part of Gen. Nathan B. Forrest's dismounted cavalry corps.

A recent eBay purchase - a set of 25mm Frontier Miniatures Confederates. I'll likely paint them as western Federals. I really like these old figures.
One last note: In my opinion, the best book on the Battle of Franklin is Eric Jacobson's "For Cause & For Country". It covers Spring Hill and Franklin in great detail. Highly recommended!

Take care and good gaming! - Cory

Sunday, July 28, 2013

28mm Old West Figures

I'm working on a 28mm Old West skirmish game with my friend Chris. He's currently assembling 4Ground buildings and I'm painting figures. We are likely going to use "Dead Man's Hand", "Desperado", the old TSR game "Boot Hill",.... or write our own rules! Any suggestions? Anyway, here are a few shots of what I'm working on. These are wonderful 28mm figures from Knuckleduster, which I highly recommend!

Link to Knuckleduster's 28mm Old West figures:

The Franklin Brothers are looking for trouble!

"Old John" Selman  and Zip Wyatt are some of the fastest guns that ever lived!

Sgt. Williamson - US Cavalry - bringing some law and order to town!

"Dastardly" Dave Slade - outlaw

Things are about to get ugly in "Promise City"

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What's new on the painting table?

Well, my painting table probably looks a lot like the "typical gamers"...I usually have 3-4 different projects going on at once! I don't have any new painted units to share, but here's what I've been staying busy working on:

*  A 28mm, 20 figure, western Federal Dixon ACW unit for "Johnny Reb". I've been eying the Sash and Saber figures lately and I plan on adding some of them to my collection soon.

* A gang of Dixon Wild West figures for Dead Man's Hand. Dixon still sets the standard Wild West figures!

* A unit of 10mm Games Workshop Elven bowmen for Warmaster. I've only played a couple games, but my friend Chris has a bunch of Warmaster armies and I'm building a High-Elf army to play some more games against him. These are the little, black primed guys in back!

* A bunch of 25mm Knuckleduster Gunfighter figures I picked up at Nashcon. This is a great little company! They make wonderful 25mm Western figures and 25mm War of 1812 figures (and a few other ranges).
Here's a link to their webpage:

The chaos on my painting table! What are you painting?

A close up of the primed Knuckleduster figures. I really like the look of these guys. I see a few familiar movie characters in this crew!
Take care and good gaming! - Cory

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

28mm ACW For Sale!

28mm ACW For Sale!

I'm "right sizing" my ACW collection and am thinking about heading off into some new periods. I'm selling 5 units of Rebs and 4 units of Federals. I rarely sell painted figures and I'm selling these off at a deal for $5 - $6 per painted figure. This is a great deal for well painted figures considering the cost alone of the unpainted models. I can mail anything in the USA for $9.00 and will ship world wide for exactly whatever it costs to mail the figures. Email me if you are interested! Cory

I will also offer a 10% discount if you buy "all the rebs", or "all the yanks", or 15% of if you purchase everything". 

Here is what I'm selling:

The Rebs:

31st TN - 25 Dixon figures $6 per figures = $150 US
21 TN Mounted Cavalry - 20 mounted, mixed Old Glory figures $5 per figure = $100 SOLD
54 GA - 20 1st Corps figures $5 per figure = $100 SOLD
Phillip's TN battery - 4 Old Glory figures and two Armstrong guns = $25 SOLD
Ferguson's SC battery - 4Old Glory figures and 2 6# guns = $25  SOLD

The Yanks:

36 IL - 25 Dixon figures $6 per figure = $150
72 IL - 25 Dixon figures $6 per figure = $150
118 OH - 25 Dixon figures $6 per figure = $150 SOLD
1st OH Battery Section G - 6 Dixon figures and 3 12# guns = $45 SOLD

Here are some pics of the units:

The 31st TN charging! This is a hard fighting, veteran CSA unit! (Gen. not included)

A quick shot of the 54 GA - 1st Corps firing line figs

21 TN Cavalry - 20 mounted figures

A view of the entire 21 TN cav.

Phillip's TN battery 4 figs with 2 guns

The 72 IL marching to the sound of the guns - 25 figs

Another view of the 72nd IL

The 118 OH in action during a recent game!

A view of the 118 OH's command stand

36 IL - a veteran Union unit defends a stone wall! 25 figs

A close up of the 36 IL - Dixon figs

The 118th OH marching

More of the 118 OH - 25 figures
Ferguson's SC Battery - 4 figs and 2 6# guns

1st OH Battery Section G - 6 figures and 3 guns

Email me if you are interested and I'll provide my paypal info and arrange shipping. The figures are being sold "as is", but are exactly as pictured. International buyers will be responsible for any import taxes & fees.