Sunday, July 28, 2013

28mm Old West Figures

I'm working on a 28mm Old West skirmish game with my friend Chris. He's currently assembling 4Ground buildings and I'm painting figures. We are likely going to use "Dead Man's Hand", "Desperado", the old TSR game "Boot Hill",.... or write our own rules! Any suggestions? Anyway, here are a few shots of what I'm working on. These are wonderful 28mm figures from Knuckleduster, which I highly recommend!

Link to Knuckleduster's 28mm Old West figures:

The Franklin Brothers are looking for trouble!

"Old John" Selman  and Zip Wyatt are some of the fastest guns that ever lived!

Sgt. Williamson - US Cavalry - bringing some law and order to town!

"Dastardly" Dave Slade - outlaw

Things are about to get ugly in "Promise City"


  1. Awesome - love them. Knuckleduster are some of my favourite miniatures. Do you have the Mexican bandidos?

  2. (New follower.) Those look great! I picked up a few Knuckleduster minis a while back and hope they look as good.

  3. Nice looking buildings and figures!


  4. Love the weathering on the terrain and the figures are superb.

  5. Guys, thanks for the kind words! The figs were a joy to paint and I think I'm going to start working on some simple skirmish rules. Take care - Cory

  6. I can suggest A&* Showdoen, the cutdown skirmish rules for teh Aces and Eights RPG. A bit more fiddly than real skirmish rules with the "shot clock."

    Also, Gutshot is a true skirmish game that is also fun to play.

  7. Aces and Eights good set of rules.

  8. Aces and Eights good set of rules.