Thursday, November 28, 2013

ACW Casualty Markers

I have been wanting to eliminate the table-top clutter from my ACW games. I while ago I made some markers using miniatures for morale (shaken and routed), and low on ammo. I recently saw some great Napoleonic markers on the blog-o-sphere and wanted to try my hand at an ACW version.

I will use these for small games, with 12 or less units per side, and I think it will be a great way to eliminate the pipe cleaners I normally use to mark casualties. Let me know what you think! Here are some iPhone pictures:

A wooden base with a little putty to create a socket for the die.

Some paint, sand and dry brushing.

The finished product! A friend recommended I use black dice instead!

The 81st IL has taken two hits.

I have set up a playtest game of John Hill's new rules "Across a Deadly Field". I'll be posting an AAR soon.

An iPhone picture of my table. The scenario is based on Shiloh with the Rebs having to attack the Union position. You can see some of the Rebs massed in their starting areas at the back of the table.



  1. Now they're impressive Cory, well done Sir.

  2. I like those markers! Great work!

  3. Great work, I think this will inspire me for some further markers...Thanks for sharing!

  4. It is the way to go with casualty markers Cory, they look great.

  5. Nice table will have to try and get up to NashCon this year Wonder if you could make some Napoleonic or AWI or Pirate game counters! How do the new rules work out?