Wednesday, June 26, 2013

28mm ACW For Sale!

28mm ACW For Sale!

I'm "right sizing" my ACW collection and am thinking about heading off into some new periods. I'm selling 5 units of Rebs and 4 units of Federals. I rarely sell painted figures and I'm selling these off at a deal for $5 - $6 per painted figure. This is a great deal for well painted figures considering the cost alone of the unpainted models. I can mail anything in the USA for $9.00 and will ship world wide for exactly whatever it costs to mail the figures. Email me if you are interested! Cory

I will also offer a 10% discount if you buy "all the rebs", or "all the yanks", or 15% of if you purchase everything". 

Here is what I'm selling:

The Rebs:

31st TN - 25 Dixon figures $6 per figures = $150 US
21 TN Mounted Cavalry - 20 mounted, mixed Old Glory figures $5 per figure = $100 SOLD
54 GA - 20 1st Corps figures $5 per figure = $100 SOLD
Phillip's TN battery - 4 Old Glory figures and two Armstrong guns = $25 SOLD
Ferguson's SC battery - 4Old Glory figures and 2 6# guns = $25  SOLD

The Yanks:

36 IL - 25 Dixon figures $6 per figure = $150
72 IL - 25 Dixon figures $6 per figure = $150
118 OH - 25 Dixon figures $6 per figure = $150 SOLD
1st OH Battery Section G - 6 Dixon figures and 3 12# guns = $45 SOLD

Here are some pics of the units:

The 31st TN charging! This is a hard fighting, veteran CSA unit! (Gen. not included)

A quick shot of the 54 GA - 1st Corps firing line figs

21 TN Cavalry - 20 mounted figures

A view of the entire 21 TN cav.

Phillip's TN battery 4 figs with 2 guns

The 72 IL marching to the sound of the guns - 25 figs

Another view of the 72nd IL

The 118 OH in action during a recent game!

A view of the 118 OH's command stand

36 IL - a veteran Union unit defends a stone wall! 25 figs

A close up of the 36 IL - Dixon figs

The 118th OH marching

More of the 118 OH - 25 figures
Ferguson's SC Battery - 4 figs and 2 6# guns

1st OH Battery Section G - 6 figures and 3 guns

Email me if you are interested and I'll provide my paypal info and arrange shipping. The figures are being sold "as is", but are exactly as pictured. International buyers will be responsible for any import taxes & fees.