Sunday, August 11, 2013

A few more 28mm ACW figures!

I've been on a roll lately painting more 28mm ACW figures! It's nice to get some time at the painting table every day. I'm still painting through my mountain of Dixon's, but I plan on buying some Sash and Saber in the near future. I've been checking out their website and they look fantastic!

I've been building ACW units for the OOB for the Battle of Franklin, 1864. I figure I'll just keep painting until I have them all painted! We'll anyway, here are a few pictures of units fresh off the painting table:

111th Ohio - stationed on the main line of works at the Battle of Franklin. I painted them as a veteran Federal unit with brown leather equipment and faded blue uniforms. The flags are the free Warflags, but I've touched them up a bit and added a little glue to give them that "waving in the breeze" look. This is a 20 man unit for "Johnny Reb 2".

Dismounted Rebel cavalry - I painted two stands to play test John Hill's new grand tactical ACW rules (two stands is a regiment). The remainder of the unit is on the painting table.These are going to part of Gen. Nathan B. Forrest's dismounted cavalry corps.

A recent eBay purchase - a set of 25mm Frontier Miniatures Confederates. I'll likely paint them as western Federals. I really like these old figures.
One last note: In my opinion, the best book on the Battle of Franklin is Eric Jacobson's "For Cause & For Country". It covers Spring Hill and Franklin in great detail. Highly recommended!

Take care and good gaming! - Cory


  1. Looking really good there Cory!

  2. Some more lovely work Cory and it looks like you have got plenty to keep you busy too!

  3. Thanks for all the comments guys!

  4. Wouldn't happen to have a scenario that you wouldn't mind sharing would you?