Tuesday, February 4, 2014

25mm Confederate Artillery

I recently painted these two CSA batteries. Each stand represents a section of two guns in "Johnny Reb 2". In JR2 each stand of artillery only needs two figures, but I painted some extras just for eye appeal, and also to represent additional sections when playing JR3 or "Across A Deadly Field".

These are old, true 25mm figures from Frontier Miniatures. They have a lot of "old school charm", but they sure were tough to clean up. They had massive amounts of flash and mold lines! I miss some of the figures from the "good old days", but I sure don't miss all the prep time! Take care - Cory

Perry's Florida Battery in action!

Phelan's Alabama Battery sends some shot and shell in the general direction of the Yankees!

Both batteries in action! 


  1. That's an impressive sight, 4 guns ready to shoot anything blue that comes close. These are the posts that remind me I should get back and paint up some ACW stuff soon..

    1. Yes, I would love to see some new ACW stuff on your blog!

  2. Lovely work...not sure that the Yankees will come close! Beautiful artillery!

    1. Thanks Phil! These guns should be able to hold their own!