Sunday, February 23, 2014

ACW Naval Action!

The local gamers have been getting together and hosting large "games days". I was able to briefly make it by yesterday and was really impressed with David R's. ACW naval game. I've played his game before and it's a simple, fun and action packed time! The scenario was the "Battle of Neely's Bend" in Nashville on the Cumberland River and the Confederates squeaked out a victory. Here are some pics of his amazing boats:


These are big boats...probably 12-18 inches long! There is a line of torpedoes in the middle of the table and CSA artillery on the bank in the the right middle.

The CSA fleet.

The Yanks come steaming up the river!


  1. A great temptation for me, we don't play naval battles in our club, and your ships are really great!

  2. Oh wow, that is a seriously impressive looking game!

  3. That board looks great! I just love Ironclads!